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This incredible journey started off with the worst souvenir I’ve ever had, and led to somewhere I couldn’t have dreamed of.

Kick the Grind is about questioning the routines in your life, and making choices that change you.
It’s about barrelling headfirst into your fears, with full understanding that being uncomfortable means growth.
It’s about finding the value in Experiences over Possessions.

In 2008 I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, and a desire to meet all the animal celebrities I had spent my life obsessing over. Panther Chameleons were my Jay Z, Red Pandas were my Johnny Depp. This idea led to an epic 2 month volunteer project on a deserted Indonesian island called Hoga studying coral reefs. There was no running water, no mirrors, and SCUBA diving 3 times a day.

We were dirty, we were humans, we were cracked open. It changed my life. It was the most alive I had ever felt.

This led to a travel addiction, and eventually (get ready for this), a terrible toe infection after spending 2 months barefoot in Honduras. I would have never thought that spending 4 months in pain on a couch in Canada would be a blessing in disguise. At this point my life took a prominent fork in an unexpected direction.


As someone who was always on to the next thing… this was a prison. Restless energy crackled inside of me, I wanted to do something other than be on a couch… Anything.


While on the road to recovery, I was dared by a friend to do something that terrified me…  to speak on camera for the first time, and create an application video for a travel video blogging competition. This was not my idea, very far from it actually. I was the kid who hid behind the book, praying to whatever deity that would listen when the teacher was picking someone to speak in class.

Through patience, persistence, and practice… take after take after take… I found my groove, and I ended up winning several travel video blogging competitions. These opportunities kickstarted my career as an adventure travel YouTuber. Flight Centre’s “Best Travel Job Ever”, Cathay Pacific Airways “Travel the World in 80 Days”, and Amble Resort’s “Island Intern” were a few of my gold medals. it gave me the skillset, the contacts, and the content to be where I am today. It’s been a wild ride.

Over the past few years I’ve appeared on many television shows with my work, Hosting BBC World’s “The Travel Show”, Discovery Channel’s “Fun Taiwan Adventures”, and well I’ve played large roles in travel web series with Skype and Malibu Rum.

When I’m not hosting, I am working as a Travel Filmmaker for travel brands, or as an Adventure Travel YouTuber on the channel Kick the Grind.

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