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Kick the Grind is about questioning the routines in your life and making choices that change you. It’s about barreling headfirst into your fears, with full understanding that being uncomfortable means growth.

It’s about finding the value in Experiences over Possessions.

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My Travel Videos

My YouTube Channel is where the action is at!
There, I post adventure travel videos about the weird & wacky, the strange & unusual, the stuff that makes you say “Wow, this actually exists!?” 

The goal of these videos is to pique your curiosity, and to inspire you to create your own adventures. Too often do we rely on what we are first presented when travelling; what is in the pamphlet, what is the “must-see”… However in reality, there are endless unique experiences that you can create for yourself, you just need to scratch a bit beneath the surface. The goal of this channel is to show you how.

An exploding hammer festival, a firefly sanctuary, and an underwater museum… These are all things you can find on my channel. You won’t believe them until you see it for yourself.

Take a quick peek at my Channel Trailer (to the left) and see what it’s all about!

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